Daniel Thisted Campanella

Daniel Thisted Campanella is our profile of the month. He’s just been trained as a trading assistant in sales—the first student in STEA’s history. His efforts on his final exam were rewarded with a grade of 12—the highest possible grade—and his title has been raised from Trainee to Sales Coordinator. Daniel works hard to provide the best service to our clients in handling their orders, while also managing lorries on holidays, etc.

“Having gotten a chance to work for STEA A/S was a milestone in my life. It was an opportunity for a new network, and to gain new qualities in different areas of work. During my training at STEA A/S I’ve learned a lot about what it means to succeed on the labour market. My time as a student has been enlightening, and it’s greatly helped me to develop as a person.”

Daniel finds the co-ordination between different stakeholders particularly exciting. He loves the challenge of getting everything to come together all at once, so he can meet his deadlines.

In his free time, Daniel is active in the local football club. He plays the guitar and loves to relax with a good show or two.


Three facts about Daniel:

  1. I appreciate classic furniture and good craftsmanship. I’m willing to take time to find just the right thing.
  2. Music has long been a part of my life. My greatest experience was at the U21 European Championship in football, where a friend and I got to DJ in the gathering area.
  3. I’m extremely allergic to parsnips! That’s what I tell everyone, anyway…