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We’re the leading supplier of wooden containers and logistics solutions in northern Europe. And your opportunity to fuss with pallets as little as possible—without compromising on quality. We produce, store, and deliver your wooden packaging so you can concentrate your time and effort on more important things.

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Pallets are just one small part…

There’s a lot to say about pallets, but the majority of it is actually really boring. Fortunately, pallets are just one small part of our work. We’re also specialists in all the other stuff: logistics, consulting, service, and the environment. There are Euro-pallets, expendable pallets, pallet collars, specialty boxes, and lots of other kinds of wooden shipping materials—but you can leave all that to us. You’ll know that it’ll get done right.

Give us a call at 75 77 33 55 if your current wooden packaging solution needs a service check—we’re no squares.

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