Nye og brugte europaller

Euro-pallets are the most widely used pallets in Europe. With approximately 450 million Euro-pallets in circulation around the world, Euro-pallets are considered the most effective solution for transporting goods to date. Read more.

Salg af nye og brugte pallerammer

Pallet collars

Pallet collars are an effective, space-saving alternative to wooden boxes when you need to protect or consolidate your goods. Pallet collars are placed on top of a pallet, forming a protective wall around the goods. We supply both new and used pallet collars, in standard and specialised sizes, and with standard or heavy-duty fittings. Read more.

Salg af nye engangspaller

Expendable pallets

Expendable pallets are often used by businesses that don’t exchange pallets in an exchange system. Expendable pallets are often used for lighter goods, but can also be produced in different sizes to meet any need. We can supply both new and used expendable pallets, with or without ISPM 15, in any size you choose.  Read more.

Plastpaller sælges

Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are used by the pharmaceutical and food industries, among others, due to their ease of cleaning. Plastic pallets are available both new and used. Read more.

Nye DS Halvpaller sælges


Half-pallets are used for transporting smaller goods, and when storage space is a bit tight. Half-pallets are available both new and used, either DS-approved or expendable. The pallets are ISPM 15 heat-treated, and the expendable pallets are available with either five or seven upper boards, depending on your needs. Read more.


Partitions, stacking corners, and battens in various materials are small things that can help to optimise your packing solution. Read more.

Sheet materials

Plywood, Masonite, or HDF—we’ve got it all! These sheet materials are used in industries like construction, packaging, and furniture. They’re available in various sizes and thicknesses, depending on the application. We stock a lot, and can procure what we don’t. Read more.

Special packaging

Specialised pallets and boxes can solve your challenges when our standard packing materials don’t quite make the cut. Our competent employees develop and produce exactly the pallet or box you need, so your goods are always securely packed. Read more,


Here, you’ll find periodic offers for discontinued standard products, weathered pallets, and excess packing materials. The products in this category are limited-time offers. We can’t guarantee that these pallets are, or will continue to be, in stock. Read more.