Consulting services

Choosing wooden packing materials is important for your company. A decision to buy wooden packing materials or the improper use thereof can lead to production downtime, unnecessary resource consumption, or tied-up capital.

Over more than 20 years, STEA has provided consultations regarding the use of wooden packaging, optimisation of logistics solutions, and sustainability. Our dedicated staff have solid experience in these areas, and they’ll advise you on all related matters, such as choosing wooden packaging, sustainability, tied-up capital, and packing flow optimisation.

STEA offers tailor-made solutions for your business, ensuring your business has an optimal packing flow and packing flow management, low tied-up capital, and correct, sustainable wooden shipping materials.

By choosing STEA as your partner, you’ll experience a transparency rarely seen in this industry, which makes STEA the obvious choice when choosing a wooden packaging and logistics solutions partner.

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