Sorting: wooden packing material sorting

Wooden packing materials need to be in good condition and live up to both domestic and international regulations in order to ensure their load-bearing capacity and security.

Our warehouses in Engesvang and Taulov are equipped with modern sorting machines, where each individual pallet is quickly and effectively inspected by our experienced employees and sorted according to agreed-upon categories and quality requirements.

Is there a growing pile of used Euro-pallets in your warehouse, but you don’t have the time or staff to sort them all?

We have solutions for you, so you can reclaim your storage space and put some money in your account. We’ll pick up your pallets, sort them, and invoice you after they’re sorted. We can also help you with just plain sorting, so you can receive all the pallets back, or perhaps just the A-pallets. There are many options, so we’re sure to find the right solution for you.

In all, we handle approximately 2 million used pallets annually. Our meticulous sorting process ensures that your pallets meet any requirements, regardless of their application. Pallets shouldn’t just sit around—they should be used.