Reparation af europaller

Euro-pallets have multiple lives. Together, let’s let them all live.

Have your pallets had up to three pieces damaged, while nothing is wrong with the rest of the pallet? Are you tired of having to throw away things that are really too good to be thrown out? We understand. It costs money, and important natural resources go up in smoke. But we have a solution!

By replacing a few upper boards or a broken block, a defective Euro-pallet can be repaired and return to being on equal footing with other approved Euro-pallets. Repairing pallets requires a license from EPAL—which we have, of course—so our pallets can do a little extra duty. This is a better, cheaper solution than investing in new pallets, and it’s better for the environment when a pallet can be used to the fullest.


At one point or another, a pallet will reach that point in its life cycle where it can no longer be repaired. Too many parts would have to be replaced, or the pallet is simply too worn out, but this pallet still has some value. For example, we can send worn-out Euro-pallets to STEA’s environmental division, where the pallets are chipped and the seams are removed. The woodchips are used as CO2-neutral fuel at Energi Ikast’s state-of-the-art heating facility in Engesvang, which provides heating to approximately 760 households in the city. That way, the pallet is optimally utilised right up to the end. This is good for the environment.