Used pallet collars

Our used pallet collars are whole and functional, with some light wear and tear such as weathering, chipping, and marking. These flexible collars are used for storage and transport of products packed on a Euro-pallet, and the strong steel fitting on the frame makes this a stable, secure shipping solution.

Salg af brugte pallerammer

The recipe for an easy, space-saving transport box

Make a base by laying a 750×1150 Masonite plate on top of a Euro-pallet. Add as many pallet collars as necessary to enclose the goods, seal off the top with plywood, and voilà: you’ve got a functional transport box that’s precisely the height you need.

If pallet collars will be part of your storage solution, we can offer stacking corners that are installed easily and without tools. This lets you stack Euro-pallets on top of each other, even if you’re not using lids on the pallet collars.

If you export to countries outside the EU

It’s important that your wooden shipping materials be heat-treated as per ISPM 15. We have this down, so just ask. Our used pallet collars can be supplied both with and without ISPM 15 heat treatments, so give us a call and we’ll find the solution that’s right for you.

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