If you export to countries outside the EU, your wooden packing materials need to be heat-treated per ISPM 15. Heat treatment ensures that pests from the forest aren’t transferred from wooden shipping materials to living trees and shrubs.


By replacing a few upper boards or a broken block, a defective Euro-pallet can be repaired and return to being on equal footing with other approved Euro-pallets. This is good for the environment. Read more.

Pallet buy-off

If you have excess pallets, we’ll be happy to buy your used Euro-pallets off you. By sorting them, we can reuse or repair them, so they can do a little extra duty on the road or in a warehouse. Read more.


With effective equipment, we sort and repair all types of wooden containers and ensure that they live up to domestic and international requirements. Read more.


STEA Transport is your assurance of on-time delivery. With Danish drivers in environmentally friendly Euro 6 lorries, we deliver goods and wooden packing materials throughout Northern Europe. Læs mere.

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Consulting services

We are much more than just pallets. We tailor optimised packing solutions that facilitate your company’s administration while reducing costs. Read more.

STEA Resupply

STEA Resupply provides logistics and warehouse managers full access to manage and control their pallet flow, thereby achieving the maximum possible effectiveness. Read more.