Pallet buy-off

Køb af brugte paller

Is your warehouse filled with old pallets you can’t use anymore? Do you feel like it’d be a shame to just have them recycled when there are some nice pallets mixed in that could still be used in one way or another? We feel the same way!

We use pallets right down to the last splinter, and we’re crazy about recycling! We can help you to free up some storage space, perhaps earn a little money, and take care of the environment, all at once.


We receive a few hundred thousand pallets annually from various companies that don’t know what to do with them. We’ll collect the pallets from you, and, depending on their condition, we’ll sort them and invoice you per sorted pallet. If the pallets are in such bad condition that it’s no longer worth it to repair them, but they’re free of plastic and other contaminants, we can chip the pallets and use them at the woodchip-fuelled heating plant that heats the entire city of Engesvang.

We can collect pallets at fixed intervals, or you can call us when it’s time to pick them up. Give us a call and hear how you can clean up your warehouse while contributing to a better environment: that’s got to be a win-win!