STEA Heating

In February 2015, ground was broken for Energi Ikast’s new woodchip-fuelled heating facility. In December of the same year, the residents of Engesvang had the first CO2-neutral central heating facility running on chipped pallets.

The heating facility is located near STEA, and we’re responsible for the daily operation of the facility as well. The state-of-the-art heating facility provides environmentally friendly heating to 760 households, and its location near the company means that the worn-out pallets can be chipped on the spot and continuously sent directly to the heating facility’s supply chamber. This saves a lot of resources on transportation and handling, benefitting both the environment and the business. Every household in Engesvang now saves about 2000 DKK (£236) yearly on their heating bills.

The facility is equipped with the latest technology, including Northern Europe’s most advanced filters. The smoke is filtered before being discharged, so the water vapour released through the chimney contains a minimal amount of harmful substances, far below the limit values.