A-PALLETS: used, approved Euro-pallets

Euro-pallets aren’t unusable just because they’re used. They’re made to be used over and over again. On average, Euro-pallets are used 7–8 times over their lifespans. We’re dealing with some strong stuff. And recycling is good: good for your bottom line, good for the environment, and especially good for you.


A-pallets can be approved in any exchange system

Our top-quality used Euro-pallets are called A-pallets. They’re fully functional Euro-pallets that can be approved for any exchange system, since they live up to all of EPAL’s strict quality requirements. The pallets are sorted by our experienced employees, who handle several thousand pallets daily, at one of our professional pallet sorting facilities. That way, we can guarantee that these are the finest pallets around, and we like that. So, you can safely leave your wooden shipping materials to us and spend your time on the fun stuff.

Remember: heat-treated Euro-pallets for export outside the EU

If you’re exporting products to Norway or other countries outside the EU, remember to use heat-treated pallets. Otherwise, you risk having your goods stopped by customs, and paying a huge bill to have them returned.

We can do so much more than just pallets

Naturally, we’re specialists in pallets and other wooden shipping materials, but we’re also happy to share our knowledge in complete logistics solutions. We have all kinds of tricks up our sleeves to optimise your packaging flow. For example, did you know that we can also buy used Euro-pallets? Or sort your used Euro-pallets and buy the ones you don’t want back?

Contact us at 75 77 33 55 or send us an email and we’ll work with you to create a tailored packaging solution that’s just right. You can save time, money, and hassle while we’re doing what we do best.

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