New pallet collars: build your own transport container

New pallet collars are standard for full-size and half-size Euro-pallets, but can also be produced in special sizes.

Our factory-new pallet collars are single-piece collars of the highest quality. The strong 1.25 mm corner trim makes it easy to attach the pallet collar to your Euro-pallet, so you can quickly create a box that provides your goods with the protection they need. Pallet collars can also be stacked on top of each other, making it easy to customise the box dimensions for the contents. We recommend a Masonite or HDF sheet as the base of the box, while plywood and chipboard work well for the top.

If you need to divide up your pallet collar, we can recommend our plywood partitions.

For storage, pallet collars can be collapsed, so they take up a minimal amount of space.

All new pallet collars come with ISPM 15 heat treatment as standard, and are available in both standard and specialised sizes, with or without a printed logo. If your goods require extra-strong fittings, we can also supply pallet collars with 1.5 or 2.0 mm fittings.

Contact us and we’ll work with you to optimise your packing solution.

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