NEW EURO-PALLETS—a strong, standard solution

Euro-pallets don’t come with technical niceties, cool gadgets, or a fancy design. Nonetheless, there are about 450 million pallets in circulation around the world today.

With their stable construction, Euro-pallets are designed to be used again and again, so Euro-pallets are considered the most effective solution for transporting goods to date. They’re a standard solution, where the manufacture and repair of pallets is overseen by Bureau Veritas, ensuring you get high-quality pallets for shipping and handling your goods.

The food and pharmaceutical industries set high standards for hygiene, and use new Euro-pallets for their products, among other solutions. A new Euro-pallet is of the highest quality and is produced by renowned manufacturers, ensuring the best conditions for your goods while in storage and transport.

We always have new Euro-pallets in stock, so if you’re in a tight spot or you’ve forgotten all about pallets, we can cover your most critical needs in a short period of time.

If you’re wondering whether new Euro-pallets might fit your needs, give us a call at 75 77 33 55. We’ll take a look at things and work with you to devise a solution that’s just right.

Nye europaller

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